11 Green Ideas for Gift Wrapping

green ideas for gift wrapping

Gifts are the perfect way to bring a smile on your faces. There are several ways to wrap a gift. Some of you may like to wrap them in colorful paper, some like to place the gift in gift bags and some love the idea of using thick attractive plastic. But there are several environmentally friendly ways to wrap these gifts. You can try these not only to go green but also to add of touch of uniqueness.

green ideas for gift wrappingGreen Gift Wraps

  1. Have you even considered using a brown paper bag to wrap a gift? You can try it the next time. Tie a colorful ribbon on top to make the package look like a toffee.
  2. Another innovative and green way to give a gift is using the gift as the wrap. Say the gift is a scarf… you can make a small knot with it and give it as a gift.
  3. If the person you are gifting like comic books, then use a comic strip page that is colorful and make it into a wrap. That is quite a sweet touch.
  4. Just like the comic strip page you can use a newspaper to wrap a gift. Scribble something with a felt pen. It will look cool!
  5. If you have an old map, then use it as a wrapper. There is an old time charm in the whole look of it. People may like it.
  6. If you have a large handkerchief to spare then use it to wrap the gift. It is better than using plastic or paper.
  7. There are several stores that stock recycled paper. You can use them. Though these are slightly more expensive than regular wrapping paper, they are a green option.
  8. If you like glitter then try using aluminum foil. You can add some decorative bells to the gift wrap. This will add spark and tinkle to the entire setup.
  9. Small cane baskets are also a good option to put the gift into. Cane being a natural item, the basket is a signboard for ‘go green’.
  10. You can make a small basket yourself with chopsticks. Just place the gift in it and give the gift to the one you want.
  11. You can also give the gift without any wrap but just add a bunch of flowers from your backyard garden and that will do the trick.

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