Tricky and Wise Ways to Eliminate Disposable Products

ways to eliminate disposable products

The old generation were eager to use reusable things to meet up their every day needs. They wanted to search out the methods to prolong the efficacy and longevity of every things used for daily purpose. As the stream of money increased, the use of disposable also increased which are highly polluting our environment.

To save your world you have to be inclined to use those products which have less packaging materials. Reusable products also consist of long lasting capability, money saving and most importantly eco-friendly. Few methods are being discussed below to eliminate disposable things.

ways to eliminate disposable products

Reusable Cloth Diapers

Disposable diapers have acquired 3% of share in total garbage wastes in US alone which is not at all environment friendly. Whereas washable and reusable cloth diapers are quite nature friendly to use.

Instead of using disposable diapers, try to choose cloth diapers for babies comfort feel. To make these cloth diapers absorbent you can place microfiber inside the crease of the cloth. Else you can place microfiber in between 2 pieces of cloths and fold it as per you need. According to studies water and electricity used to wash the cloth diapers is less rather than producing equal numbers of disposable diapers.

Use Rechargeable Batteries

Loads of used batteries are disposed everyday by elders as well as children which ultimately results in the increase of landfills and cause world pollution.

To prevent this situation, opt for rechargeable batteries which can be charged easily with chargers available in your home. Confirm to choose the appropriate battery for the particular device. These batteries can be reused for 1500 times or more.

Avoid Plastic Utensils

Usage of plastic bags, cups, glasses, and plates cause more inconvenience to landfills and clog the flow of water. These plastic utensils can be the reason of psychological hormonal problems due to the presence of carcinogenic chemicals.

Various range of unbreakable utensils have acquired the market which can be reused for years to save your family as well as the environment.

Reduce the Trash and Save the Cash

  • Fix up permanent coffee filters instead of paper filters.
  • Opt for those cartridges which have refilling property.
  • Wipes to clean plastic or paper plates can be altered with use of cloth napkin.
  • Paper napkins or kitchen paper towels can be replaced with the cloth one.

Henceforth to take the first step toward using reusable products, you have to change your mentality and your everyday habit. In this regard you have to cultivate the sense of belonging with mother earth. We also need to change the policies to eliminate the requirement of the disposable products.

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