Top Eco Friendly Business Ideas for Emerging Entrepreneurs

recycled fashion

With so much of awareness among the common people about global warming and environmental issues, more and more people are making an effort to work for the cause of creating a sustainable environment.

For the people who are thinking of making big in the business world, we have come up with some of the most unique eco friendly business ideas which can help them start their business with a twist.

Starting an eco friendly business, you not only fulfill your dream to become an entrepreneur but also work in the direction of making your earth a better place to live.

Here are the top ideas to be an eco friendly entrepreneur

recycled fashion


If outdoor designing and creativity is your cup of tea then becoming a landscape designer would be the best idea for you. The current landscape designers definitely do a great job of making your lawn look more beautiful than ever but the kind of water and energy required to maintain such a lawn does not prove to be eco friendly. So for customers who are looking forward to save the resources as well as have a good looking lawn can come up to you for a solution.

Recycled Fashion

Green fashion is becoming quite popular now days. With so many celebrity designers who have already launched a fashion show on recycled fashion, it is now a good business idea for you to do the same.

You can build a fully fledged store on eco friendly products including clothes, accessories and handbags. Not only will it be appealing to own such a unique store but you can even get some good publicity through it.

Green Application Development

If programming is your niche then green application development is the best business idea for you. With so many topics that you can explore, you can easily create apps which can make people more aware of what they can do to save the planet.

Moreover you can also develop the ‘how to’ apps which can guide people in small ways on how they can work for a cause without investing much time and energy. With so many people relying on their mobile phones for their needs, this idea will definitely be a hit in the market.

Apart from the above, there are many other eco friendly business ideas which you can explore through and start up. These will not only be a benefit for the environment you are living in but also give you a mental satisfaction of doing your bit of good work for the nature.

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