Tips and Ideas to create a Perfect Green Hotel

create a perfect green hotel

No matter whether you own a five star hotel, a motel or just a guest house, making it more eco friendly and close to the nature is always a good idea. Among the various benefits of turning your hotel into green hotel, uniqueness tops the list.

It makes your hotel unique from the others and also provides you with a good platform of supporting a cause. However if you are a bit confused on how you can make your hotel turn into a green hotel then we have come up with various tips here which might be quite beneficial for you:

create a perfect green hotel


Now days many recyclable products are available in the market which also includes mattresses and other commodities necessary for a hotel. You can easily buy them from the market which not only saves your money but also enables you to make your hotel turn into a green hotel. You can also get involved in recycling of the waste materials from your hotel.

Linen Reuse Program

The linen reuse program is not only eco friendly but can also help you to save money and time. Place adequate directions for the customers so that they can know more about this program.

Save Water

Saving water is one of the major issues for which the whole world is taking various measures. Your small addition to this cause can also be quite beneficial. There are several ways in which you can save water in your hotel rooms.

Low flow toilet flushes and low flow showers in the bathroom are some of the easiest ways through which you can save water. With the help of a local plumber, you can easily make these changes in your hotel bathroom.

Save Energy

When you take preventive measures to lower down the energy usage in your hotel, you are also one step closer to reducing your electricity bills. You can save the electricity usage by installing low watt LED bulbs and relying more on the solar energy.

The hotel staff must be given strict directions to switch off the lights and other electricity consuming devices if the room is vacant. Keep proper ventilation in the hallway and lobbies so that you don’t need to light a bulb during day time.

With a few easy steps, you can easily turn your normal hotel into a green hotel which will not only money but Nature as well.

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