Know the Benefits of Green Architecture

benefits of green architecture

What is Green Architecture?

When you build a structure that is environmentally safe and energy efficient from the moment you started conceptualizing it, then that building becomes green architecture.

The planning, design, site selection, construction, maintenance, operation and its renovation need to be eco friendly. Even if you think of its demolition to create something else, that process should also be environmentally viable.

benefits of green architecture

Who are Responsible for making it?

Everyone involved in the process is responsible to make this a green project. If you are planning to put together such a team, then right from the architects, the site selectors, the suppliers, the construction specialists and the maintenance people need to bear in mind that the entire project is aimed at building a structure that will not affect the environment adversely.

Benefits –

Eco friendly

The main benefit of green architecture is that it helps the community by making it eco friendly. The indoor air is fresh and free of harmful toxins, temperature regulation is easier, the ambience is comfortable and healthy and acoustics are better.


Contrary to popular belief, green buildings are cheaper in the long run. Though most of the times your cost to build an ordinary building will be the same as that of a green building, sometimes the latter may be a little more. But in the long run, the energy conservation helps to reduce costs in several heads.

Energy Saver

You can save a lot of energy in the green buildings by proper insulation, wide and airy windows, utilization of solar power, use of eco friendly paint, using dripping water in toilets, pool showers, and low flush toilets.

Non Toxic

While in other regular buildings cement and mortar become more expensive as raw material, in the green building by using bio degradable raw material you not only reduce the cost but also aid the environment. Bamboo, straw, cork, earth blocks and sheep wool constitute a major portion of the green building material that are non toxic.

Easy Maintenance

Your maintenance of the green building is less effort consuming. Since the entire building and process are eco friendly, the repairs are not so regularly needed, the paints can be done after long stretches of time and you have already taken care of the energy saving front.

A green building may sound great, but you need to be committed to this cause before you venture into these projects. The end result will be spectacular!

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