Learn how to Recycle your Computer

recycle your computer

If you are considering replacing or changing your computer (desktop/laptop) with a new and a more technologically advanced one, think twice before you throw the older computer into a trash bin! With the rising environmental threat from e-waste, recycling of computers and other electronic appliances is the need of the hour.

In the absence of proper recycling methods, computer parts may end up in landfills or in “dirty recycling” plants where the labor is exposed to hazardous conditions. Since computers contain chemically toxic materials, you must take the proper steps to recycle your computer.

recycle your computer

Step 1: Contact your Computer Manufacturer

In many cases, the manufacturer of your computer may be willing to take your machine back. If you have bought the computer recently enough, they may not even charge you for recycling.

Since the product was manufactured by this very company, not only will it be compatible with other peripherals that the company uses, but will also cut down the need of having to purchase brand new items, which in fact, might be in a working condition in your computer, and can be put to use.

This process is a win-win situation for all, as you get a few bucks for your old trash, the company’s manufacturing cost decreases, and ultimately, the nature is saved, as the reusing has been induced in the process.

Step 2: Look for Donations/Charity

What is better than donating your old computer to someone who really needs it! Environmentally and socially, it is best if your computer can be reused. There are several organizations that accept laptop/desktop donations in each city/state. Although the price may vary from one place to another, but well, you are saving Mother Nature, isn’t that the best price?

Step 3: Recycle through the Best Services Available

Due to the strict government guidelines for the proper recycling of computers and other electronic goods, it is very necessary to legalize your activity, so make sure to check it out that your recycling agency falls in compliance with each, before giving out your computer.

Do your bit for the environment by recycling your computer using the proper methods. The aforesaid methods are not only safe for the environment but will give you a peace of mind that you have done something nature friendly to your old companion. We wish you a hassle-free experience with recycling of computers!

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