Learn about Energy Saving with Appliances

energy saving with appliances

In spite of being taught, time and again, about the insufficient natural resources available to us, that are further depleting with the passage of each day, not many of us care too much to actually do something about it.

This is an issue which cannot get cured on its own and certainly not by some mere ordinances by the government. This issue needs to be taken up by each household starting from the smallest possible levels like saving energy through appliances.

energy saving with appliances

Only when you understand the necessity of energy conservation in today’s era, will you be giving way to further progress in every field. Following are some very easy ways by which you can contribute towards saving energy for the generations yet to come:

Flick the Switch

When you need to go out of the room even for 5 minutes, switch off the lights and fans and the AC behind you. Statistics suggest that switching off the AC for 5 minutes saves a rupee. The value might be small but it makes a difference if you leave your room unattended ten times a day for even five minutes each, which adds up to 3650 times a year.


Unplug phone/laptop chargers, room heaters, radio sets, geysers and other such appliances when not in use. Even if they are not in use, they use up energy (in standby mode) equivalent to that used by a 100W bulb running continuously.

Energy Star – The New Cool

Energy star is a government initiative which aims at energy conservation by efficient use of appliance. The energy star label is a must while buying new electrical products from the market.

These products are tested and supervised thoroughly before being sold to the customers for efficient use of energy. Hence, prefer buying the devices that bear maximum stars.

  • The refrigerator temperature should be kept around 35 degree Fahrenheit, as keeping the temperature too low leads to unnecessary wastage of energy.
  • Appliances like geyser and room heaters, which use thermostats for heating purpose, should be operated wisely.
  • Switch the computer systems to sleep mode when you don’t need to use it for some time.
  • Keep yourself aware about the latest improvisations in technology. This is most important while buying bulbs and tube lights which nowadays are being designed to prevent loss of energy.

Efficient use of appliances plays a great deal in the process of conservation of energy. Be it a refrigerator, television, washing machine, computer or geyser, all appliances should be prudently used.

A huge difference can be made if you adopt these very simple practices in your life. It won’t harm you in any way, but it will only help you save energy, hence money, and hence your future.

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