Best Eco Friendly Tips for College Student


Most of the colleges and also different education institutions are now made aware of eco friendly ideas. Many campaigns and awareness programs held within college premises teach you of easy and well executable ideas that save the environment and also keep the ambience nature friendly.

If you can incorporate environmental sustainability throughout the academic session in your college campus, the values will get instilled within you for life time.

As a student you must grow a social responsibility to maintain an eco-friendly life and that will go down the generations to save our Mother Earth. Here are few eco friendly tips that college students can easily follow and aid in developing a GREEN society –

Go Tray Less

Avoiding your cafeteria’s lunch trays for carrying utensils required to serve your orders can be the first step towards the go green act. As per the Environmental Protection Agency going tray less can save wastage of foods that act as the largest constituent of landfills today.

Reusable Water Bottles

Staying in colleges for hours include several activities like attending classes, sports, meetings etc. Hence it is essential to keep yourself hydrated in this scorching heat for which you can make use of reusable water bottle instead of buying plastic bottles or glasses.

Second Hand Shopping

Shopping at thrift or second handed stores can be a good option to opt for. It confers a great method of reusing as well as saving your bucks. Recycling of clothes or books or any other goods is an excellent idea to save trees as well as the world.

Go Green with your Dorm

You can also go green with your dorm by selecting the furniture and other items that can recycled later on when they are not in use. Moreover you can also go green and organic with the material of linen you are using.

Go Walking

Most college campuses are pedestrian acquaintance as well as provide you biking trails for public transportations. Plan to bike or walk instead of hopping in the car.

Utilizing Computer for Taking Notes

To save paper as well as tress you can use your laptop for taking notes in the class. It will also assist you to organize your notes rather than writing in a notebook.

Use your E-mail

To be more tech-savvy you can ask your professor to accept assignments through e-mail. Try to avoid printing be it assignments or class syllabus or review sheets.

Save Water

College campuses are inclined to use massive amount of water. Do your job to preserve water by taking short showers, washing dishes etc. Make an effort to wash your clothes at a time instead of cleaning it on daily basis.

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