Go GREEN With Your Clothes and Wardrobe

Recycle your clothes

‘Eco chic’ is a term that is continuously and progressively utilized within the media and fashion design magazines. Eco chic is the blend of style and eco-friendly activities in fashion and living. Many people are now trending towards getting an organic wardrobe; it’s good for your skin and of course for the world as well. Natural garments are made from organic cotton and developed without using chemicals and pesticides that can harm the eco framework.  Synthetic fabric and the chemicals that are used in the fabrication of the clothes will not interact with your skin by using the eco-friendly apparels.

Recycle your clothes

You will be spared from unsafe impacts of chemicals like urea tars, incandescent lamp, formaldehyde and bromines. Natural garments are produced out of 100% characteristic material with no association of any destructive substance. This is an effective idea which can be implemented easily and a variety of dresses can be designed fashionably as well. Cotton, hemp, bamboo are some of such fabrics that are extensively used for green clothing.

Here are few ideas on how you can keep you clothing tag ‘Green’ and eco friendly –

1. Re use old clothes

You must not be willing to let go your wardrobe ach year with changing size, here is an idea “re use”. Get a responsible tailor who will use the garments in every possible way to make them usable until it’s totally worn out. You can also consider buying used clothes and repairing damaged clothes instead of discarding them. This is probably the easiest step to get eco friendly.

2. Washing techniques

Wash your clothes in cold water, the detergents will clean your clothes equally well in cold water. Save some energy by not heating up water for washing at least! Don’t use a dryer to dry clothes; rinse them well with hands and hang in the sun – that’s enough for it to dry within few hours time. If you skip the tumble dry mode while washing, you can cut down 60% of the total energy. Buy phosphate-free detergent and reduce the impact on aquatic life.

3. Recycle your clothes

To produce tons of textiles, around 10 times more amount of energy is needed as it does to make a ton of glass. However, we are aware of the fact and also execute it that glass can be recycled. Clothes can also be recycled but is a rare practice.  Find a store that recycles clothes or you can give them for charity to houses where inmates will use them.

Photo Credit By: recyclefordorset.wordpress.com


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