Give Up Cosmetics and Catch Up Green Beauty

Catch Up Green Beauty

Today the basic problem with all the skin products are the heavy contents of chemical that at the end gets absorbed through your skin and finally end up in your body, often stored in your fatty tissues. Green beauty products help you in the reduction of your toxic load that is the amount of synthetic chemicals you put.

Catch Up Green Beauty

Here’s what to do and why Beauty Green is Important for you:

  • Get adequately educated and inspired about green beauty. It brightens and ravishes your entire beauty routine to reveal your natural health and vitality. Green products are usually made up of herbs and leaf extracts that keeps your skin naturally glowing.
  • Start up reading the ingredients labels and compositions of the beauty products you are using.  Toss them, if they are packed with chemicals. A cosmetics safety database is created to see how green these cosmetics are. You better select an organic moisturiser for your skin.
  • Buy green products and beauty alternatives instead, but definitely be very careful. Sometimes products are labelled as ‘green’ and ‘organic’ but are still packed with synthetics. Better use products that are nature friendly and has a beautiful line made with essential oils.
  • When you are looking for green or organic beauty products, do consider simple substitutions like use of avocado oil on your skin instead of mineral oil or mineral-oil based oily body creams. Mineral oil is a petroleum-derived product that effects adversely to your skin and does not allow it to breathe properly. Hence be very careful while selecting.
  • Give up the habit of constant use of nail polish. Have your nail buffed instead when you get your manicure and pedicure done. And definitely say no to paraffin dips. They are petroleum based and thus harmful. Thus you better shift to green beauty regimes.
  • Use mineral based makeup instead of conventional cosmetic and chemical based make-up. These are loaded with synthetics. Cosmetic make ups might bring better results and fairer skin but these are very harmful in the long run. These might damage and spoil your young looking skin at an early age and you result in spotted skin traumas.
  • Look in for green alternatives to hair dye also, that contains no known ammonia, carcinogens and harsh chemicals that damage the hair itself. Try searching and using for herbal based hair dyes and hair colours.


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