Prefect Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for Weddings

travel mugs

Wedding is a very special occasion in someone’s life and is the perfect time for giving thoughtful gifts that would be useful for the newly married couple. Giving an eco-friendly gift to the new partners would help them to start a sustainable and eco-friendly life together.

travel mugs


These days, one can easily find green gifts as more and more people are becoming aware and concerned regarding the environment.  The following are some of the eco-friendly gifts that can be purchased online or bought from lifestyle stores as well.

1. Bamboo or Cotton Bathrobes or bath Towel Sets

You can give matching bamboo bathrobes as wedding gifts to someone close. Bamboo is renewable and if you are buying cotton – make sure that is organic cotton as it limits the use of chemical fertilizers in the environment. This is a great gift option as these last for years. Gifting bath towel sets made of bamboo or organic cotton is also a great idea.

2. Stainless Water Bottles or Travel Mugs

Stainless steel that is reusable is good both for the environment and the health of the couple. You can gift matching water bottles or travel mugs and these are available in many vibrant colors and designs. These are undoubtedly one of the most durable and utility gift items.

3. Herbal Lifestyle Products

Gifting a set of herbal bathing products is also a great idea. There are various types of herbal soaps and shampoos available in the market today and these do not contain any chemicals and do not harm the environment in any way. There are different kinds of fragrances that you can select as per your choice

4. Picnic Baskets, Picnic Plates and Utensils

A picnic basket is a very romantic gift for a young couple. Go for the ones that are made from sustainable reusable wood and along with that you can give reusable plates, cups and other utensils. A table cloth or a ground cloth made from organic cotton will make this gift perfect.

5. Candles

Candles are great decorating items and are perfect for creating a romantic ambience. There are a number of shops that sell pure beewax candles that are beautifully crafted and have the wick made from eco-friendly cotton.

There are various other products like bamboo steamer baskets, clothes drying rack that are eco- friendly, eco-friendly cookware and others that makes a perfect eco friendly wedding gift.


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