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Prefect Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for Weddings

Wedding is a very special occasion in someone’s life and is the perfect time for giving thoughtful gifts that would be useful for the newly married couple. Giving an eco-friendly gift to the new partners would help them to start a sustainable and eco-friendly life together.   These days, one can easily find green gifts […]

Organic Cocktail Recipes

Five Best Organic Cocktail Recipes Exclusively For You

Cocktails are now doubt one of the exclusive delicacies known. Moreover when it comes to organic cocktails, of course people tend to shower upon and love to enjoy them. Here are few exclusive organic cocktail recipes for you:  Watermelon Refresher  One of the most popular and tasty cocktails enjoyed, the ingredients are 2 ounces of […]

how to make an eco friendly office

How to Make an Eco-Friendly Office?

As they say, we don’t have a planet B, and the sooner we realize that, the better it is. CO2, NO2, O2, you name it, and we have it in our planet’s atmosphere. Since there’s a huge increment in the number of industries and offices, in the past decade, the toxicity in the atmosphere has […]