Great Ideas to Recycle Plastic Bags

recycle plastic bags

It has been told for years, and we all know that plastic bags are bad for the environment as a plastic bag will take 1000 years to decompose. In spite of all these warnings and awareness about the ill effects of the plastic bags, supermarkets and stores across the countries are selling stuff packed in these plastic bags. The only thing we can do from our end is to recycle the grocery plastic bags we bring home instead of tossing them into the trash which will end up in landfills. Here are a few ideas on how to recycle the plastic bag-

recycle plastic bags

1. The most obvious way to recycle plastic bags is to use it as a bag to carry your shopping the next time you head out to the market. Store two large and two small plastic bags in your purse. After folding, the bags become small and take up very little space. At the supermarket, say no to more plastic bags and use the ones you have brought to recycle.

2. Line your trash cans with plastic grocery bags instead of buying trash can liners. Easy to dispose of and cost effective.

3. Cut up plastic bags into long even width strips. Use the strips as yarns to crotchet mats for the front porch, in front of wash rooms or even under the kitchen sink.

4. Wear these plastic bags on your hand as gloves while colouring your hair.

5. The above makeshift plastic bag gloves can be also used while walking your dog to pick up business and dispose of in another plastic bag.

6. Storing your delicate china between many layers of plastic will cushion them against breakages and chips.

7. Cut up thin strips of different coloured plastic bags. Braid them up in tight braids and twist and secure or loop to make jewellery like bracelets, earrings, chokers and even belts. Use a few attachments like a pendant, a few small trinkets for the bracelets, a clasp and hook for the chokers, a buckle for the belt.

8. Plastic bags serve as wonderful safety against frost for your plants during winters. Just cover the entire plant with the plastic bag and secure the ends under the pot or with a heavy stone or other weight.

9. Collect all your grocery bags over the month and fold them up neatly. Donate these bags to the local grocery store. This is a great way to recycle the plastic bags.


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