How to Make a School Ambience ‘Eco Friendly’

how to make school ecofriendly

With the roaring need of eco friendly environment; public places are also been given special attention to make eco friendly. School is one of the prime places where this motto should be installed as it’s the place where children get the first hand knowledge about nature and its surroundings. Many activities can be initiated in the school for green environment that not only teaches the children ways of getting eco friendly but also makes the world a better place to stay in. Here are few steps that can be taken by the school authority to make it eco friendly

how to make school ecofriendly

1. Reuse everything, Particularly Paper!

Paper and school are the two terms that almost go synonymous. It’s used for class notes, exams, books, copies and many more things. These needs cannot be evaded for sure but restricting them or reusing papers in some way can make a difference for sure.

2. Limit the utilization of disposable measures and plates

Disposable paper plates are common sights in school premises and after a gathering or party, plates are seen thrown here and there that not only makes the area dirty but it’s an action completely against ‘eco friendly’ goal. Instead of purchasing the disposable plates, use steel plates and wash the utensils and plates with hand or toss them in the dish washer. You can also avoid plastic lunchbox and in this way and enjoy a plastic free environment.

3. Limit the Utilization of Paper Napkins

 Paper napkins and tissue papers are used extensively within the school campus. At times these napkins are not reusable in such a case it is advisable to use towels and hand kerchiefs. This will help to keep the premises clean and eco friendly.

4. Use Smaller Fluorescent Lights

Mounting electric bills are a common problem both in schools and households. One vital step to be taken is making sure to switch off light and fan not in use. Moreover, you can also use smaller fluorescent lights that gives enough brightness. Though these lights are bit costly but saves electricity and are durable.

5. Walk or Bicycle as much as Possible

 Keeping the environment pollution free is a vital task and you can do it effectively to some extend by taking your kids to school walking or bicycling. If the kid is old enough, he /she can go by bicycle on own. This habit is healthy both for nature and for the child. Instead of inhaling the combustion gases of the vehicles, this natural and “eco friendly” option would surely be a stance.

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