Geodesic Domes and their Benefits

Geodesic Domes

What are Geodesic Domes?

First built by Walter Bauersfield in Germany in 1922 and later popularized by Buckminster Fuller in the United States in 1950, Geodesic Domes are spherical or partially spherical structures built by arranging triangles, hexagons or other polyhedrons across the surface of a sphere.

Geodesic Domes

Benefits of Geodesic Domes

Geodesic domes have a number of benefits as given below

  • Strength

Geodesic Domes are aerodynamic structures and are extremely strong, offering the largest ratio of weight to volume in any known linear structure. These are the only structures whose strength increases with size. The strength of geodesic domes is twice that of conventional structures.

  • Easy to build

Building a geodesic dome is much more easier than building a contemporary structure that require huge investments in the form of labour hours and techniques of building that are complicated. To put up a geodesic dome structure is easy as the parts that make up the dome are lightweight and easy to assemble This makes it easy to disassemble the geodesic homes easily too and that also, without the requirement of huge manpower.

  • Cost Effective Housing

The reduced labour costs and the materials used in building the geodesic homes make them a cheaper option to build than the conventional structures.

  • Resistant to Natural Disaster

Geodesic dome homes are the ultimate answer to the prayers of people who are planning to build buildings in disaster prone places like earthquakes hurricane or tornado prone areas. The structures are aerodynamic and can withstand load of extreme pressure. The domes have a low centre of gravity which give them an advantage over other contemporary structures while facing earthquakes.

The aerodynamic shape of the geodesic dome does not allow for any suction elements to work on uprooting them in the face of a high winds like tornado. The materials with which these domes are built are fire resistant, rust resistant and water proof. Also since the structures are so easy to assemble and dissemble, migrating from an area which has been hit by some disaster becomes easier.

  • Eco Friendly Structures

Geodesic domes are made with components that are manufactured with recyclable material. Use of wood o make the dome or any of its components is nil. Also the domes are quite insulated due to the dynamics of air flow and hence use of air-conditioners in them become useless. The domes are also suitable for generating solar energy through panels.

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