Eco-Friendly Kitchen Ideas and Tips

eco friendly kitchen

One of the biggest advantages of going green is that it benefits both you and the environment. For example, by choosing organic vegetables over the non-organic ones, you can limit the use of pesticides and other chemical fertilizers that have an adverse effect on the soil to some extent.

eco friendly kitchen

And this would in turn prevent chemicals entering our systems and the waterways as well. A green kitchen has similar benefits and this is the least you can do for your environment and keep your family safe. Below given are some of the tips and ideas to go Green with your kitchen:

1. Use Bamboo

Bamboo is the latest eco-friendly product that is being used by experts. You can use utensils and baskets made of bamboo. There are serving plates, bowls and varieties of other kitchen stuffs that are made with bamboo and you can get buy them online.

2. Lighting

You can use fluorescent to cut down your lighting costs and provide eco friendly lighting options to your kitchen. Use natural light whenever possible by keeping the windows open.

3. Use Natural Fiber

You can use kitchen napkins that are made from organic cotton and/or wool as most kitchen fibers are made from artificial fiber that is bad for the environment as these are not recyclable.

4. Use Dishwasher

Most people think that using electric appliance is not an eco-friendly idea as they use energy but using a dishwasher when it is full is actually better than doing it yourself as it is water and energy efficient. Let the dishes dry on their own and do not use the heater for it.

5. Go for Eco-friendly Detergents

Detergents usually contain phosphate and are responsible for algal bloom in waterways and other contain chlorine that affects our skins and lungs. There are few detergents that do not contain chemicals and are absolutely eco-friendly.

6. Choose Proper Counter Tops

Most kitchen countertops that we see are made from graphite that needs to be mined from deep below the ground and mining affects the environment. Go for the countertops that are made from recycled glass that has been mixed to concrete. These are available in variety of colors and designs and are durable and would last for years.  You can also use recycled stone chips one and these look like granite and are durable as well.

7. Replace old Equipments

If you have equipments that are more than 10 years old, then it is time you get them replaced with the new energy efficient ones.

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