How to Turn Your Gardening into a Palette for Art

gardening into a palette for art

In my apartment I have dedicated a room specific to crafts. This was a joint decision made on part by my girlfriend and I because we both really love having crafting sessions and craft “dates” (rather than going out to spend a whole lot of money on food and entertainment).

At the same time we have a small balcony just at the right angle (and size) that we’re able to grow a few plants and a small garden. This is great because I love to cook and it also means that we can utilize those plants, fruits, and other gardening items as part of our crafts.

gardening into a palette for art

In this post I want to share four different ideas on how you can combine the act of gardening with your desire to create art.

Bring Art into the Garden

Planter boxes and pots look very bland and not too appealing to the eyes. They serve their purpose for growing your garden but what I would recommend is to spruce things up by adding your own designs.

You could use one of the Earth Oil Paint Kits here on Silent Springs to start with and then go crazy with stencils or by doing it free-hand. Try making labels for the pots. Add scenery to the planters. Paint a mural around the little garden.

Fruit can Create Cool Designs

I’m not a big fan of processed sugars so if I want something sweet I generally stick to fruits. Coincidentally enough – fruit can also become a great item to work with in crafting. For example, if you shop cherry trees at, you can find cherries (and other fruit) that you could use to make cool things like fruit crafted animals, dry them out and use them as weird stamps, or process them and use them as color for your portraits.

Draw Inspiration from its Colors

Create an area around the garden that can be used as your work station. You don’t have to sit there and paint a bowl of fruit over and over again. No, no, I would recommend using the space to draw inspiration. Look at the colors and use it as a prompt in your art. Relax and reflect on your efforts and use that clarity to discover new ideas. Invite others over to sample the garden and strike conversations which could lead to new projects.

Art as a Product

Two great things are going for you … you’ve started a garden and you’ve got your head wrapped into art. The two can come together to create an organic product. What about processing fruits into jams? What about setting up a small farmer’s market? What about baking goods for local charities? It’s not just about the food, either.

You could use your art in the labeling, packaging, and other forms of branding. So, in essence, you’re creating a massive art project that will keep your entertained and busy for as long as you want to create products.

There are a lot of wonderful things that can come about when you combine gardening with art.

The girlfriend and I are entertained for hours on end between cooking and eating what we’ve grown but also from reusing or reworking the plants into some kind of art/craft project. It’s a great sensation knowing that you’re doing good for the environment and having a blast.

You should give it a try. Embrace that inner eco artisan within you.

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