Which is More Eco -Friendly- Diesel Or Hybrid Cars?


If you are thinking of buying a car then you sure will be spoilt for choice as there is no limit to the kind of cars you can purchase. One of the major points which one must keep in mind while buying a car is whether it is fuel-economic or not.

In this age of hybrid, electronic, diesel and micro-cars, picking the best fuel efficient car is a tough choice. If you are looking for an ecofriendly car, then the following given part of the article will prove useful.

diesel vs hybrid

From Economy point of View

Gas prices are touching the skies these days and in such a scenario, you must choose between diesel or hybrid cars with care.  So to get it straight and clear, hybrid cars are more fuel-economic as far as driving in town is concerned whereas on the other hand, diesel cars prove more fuel-efficient as far as driving on the highway is concerned.  Diesel vehicles and cars have very efficient combustion which gives good mileage on the freeways.  But on an average, hybrids achieve better rated mileage.

From Performance Point of View

Diesel cars have been around for a long time but even hybrids have come a long way in the past decade or so.  But from efficiency and performance points of view, diesel cars are still far ahead of hybrids.  Having said that, more and more people are opting for hybrid cars these days because their power comes on quite smoothly.  If it comes down to a driver’s car, then diesel is surely much better.

From Technology Point of View

Energy regeneration technology is the high point in hybrid cars. This means that the electric motor in hybrid cars spin backwards in order to collect kinetic energy which is otherwise wasted in coasting and braking.  On the other hand, the technology in diesel cars is old.  Overall, technology wise, hybrid cars are more advanced and fresh.

From the Eco-Friendly Point of View

While both cars are much more ecofriendly than cars driven by petrol, there is still a lot of difference in the impact they have on the environment.  Hybrids have low emissions and much higher amount of gas mileage.  But some hybrid cars do not seem to be as green as they claim to be.

Hybrid cars have batteries that are very toxic to produce and hence tend to have high carbon footprint as compared to diesel or petrol cars.  On the other hand, while it may be believed that diesel cars are less eco-friendly than hybrid cars, improvement in technology has changed things a little bit.  These days, diesel cars can be compared to gasoline-powered cars in terms of particulate emissions and this makes them much cleaner.


Environmental impact, performance and driving experience-diesel cars seem to win in all the areas when compared with their Hybrid counterparts. Hence if you wish to select one out of the two, our suggestion would be to go for a diesel car. But at the end of the day, this is completely a personal decision and depends upon your exact needs.


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