7 Steps to Becoming a Green Consumer

Becoming a Green Consumer

The depleting greenery and its effect on the environment may seem like a casual and un-important thing to most of us, but several years into the future, we shall start realizing how important was it to conserve the environment and participate in its conservation.

Hence rather that regretting this 15 years later, we can start now to save the environment and one way to do so is to become a green consumer.  If every individual does his little bit as an individual consumer, we can contribute a lot towards the environment. The following are the 7 steps following which you can truly be a green consumer:

Becoming a Green Consumer

1. Changing Your Mindset

You cannot really be forced into thinking green or opting for those products which can prevent depletion of environment. It is important first to have the knowledge about environment depletion and then change your mindset and thinking.  It is not only up to the government to take steps but also for you to do your bit every moment and every day.

2. Save Energy Consumption Near You

You cannot bang on people’s doors to tell them to stop wasting energy. But you sure can save as much energy as you can at home and at your place of work.  Turn off extra lights and other power sources when not in need whenever you are at work or home. Make sure you sit in one room rather than wasting electricity by sitting in different rooms of the house. Make this a daily habit.

3. Use Green Electricity

Make green a criteria in your life and make use of as much of green electricity as you can. Green electricity often costs less and helps in preventing environment depletion as it either doesn’t use any electricity or uses very little electricity.

4. Check Energy Labels

Whenever you purchase appliances, always make sure you check for energy labels on them and only buy those products which use less energy and are energy efficient in nature.

5. Buy More of Solar Products

Solar products work from sun’s energy and do not use any electricity for functioning. Some examples of solar products are solar geysers, solar heaters, solar bulbs, solar street lights etc. It is true that these products cost more than traditional product but definitely are very environment friendly in nature and hence you must use them whenever possible.

6. Build Your Own Solar Panel

The best way to become a green consumer is to learn how to make your own solar panel. Through this solar panel, you will be able to prevent environmental depletion to the maximum possible extent.

7. Buy a Hybrid Car

Another way to make yourself a green consumer is to either purchase an electric car or a hybrid car.  These cars either do not use any fuel at all or use fuel to the minimum possible extent. Using them definitely takes off a lot of pressure from the environment and makes you a very responsible citizen of the world.


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