Say Hello To Green Beauty

Green Beauty

“Go Green” is the new age mantra. If the human race wishes to breathe clean air for the next few hundreds of years it is time to make ‘green’ a part of our lifestyle. In fact your make up routine can undergo a green revolution as well; you will be contributing to the health of your environment. Most women would feel great to add to the ‘Go Green Brigade’ in their own sweet ways and look fabulous as always. So here are a few tips to buy green beauty products for your regular make up regime.

Green Beauty

An organic wash is good and green

Organic soap bars are available in many stores now. Organic cosmetic brands are manufacturing soaps that do not contain any harmful chemicals. Organic soaps are great for your skin and contain natural oils and moisturizers that will not dry the skin unlike regular soaps which are highly alkaline. Always ask the shopkeeper to package your organic soap with recycled paper. This way you can avoid using plastic and promote the use of recycled paper.

Grapefruit is the new green

It is important to cleanse and tone your skin at the end of a hard day. The usual cleansers and toners contain ingredients that are not natural, and may affect your skin in the long run. But natural cleansers containing grapefruit are not only chemical free, but can do wonders for your skin. This pinkish fruit is the new green cosmetic as it is loaded with nourishing properties. The grapefruit seed is extracted and its serum helps to tone and cleanse the skin making your skin soft and smooth.

Go natural with herbal concealer

Herbal concealer contains essential vitamins that not just cover skin imperfections but makes it healthier. Herbal concealer also helps eliminate toxins from specific areas of your facial skin. A good quality “green” concealer contains herbal extracts from Ginko biloba leaf, ginko roots, camellia sinesis leaf, aloevera, and some specific flowers which are known to have beautifying properties.

No chemicals on the lips

Most lipsticks, irrespective of the cost, have chemicals like coal tar derivatives. Good quality herbal lipsticks are free from lead, coal tar, and other harmful chemicals. They are highly pigmented which makes the colour stay on your lips even when you apply a tiny dab. Natural floral pigments are extracted to make these lipsticks. These lipsticks do not have any smell or taste, and are not sticky in texture unlike their regular counterparts. The only disadvantage is that most herbal stores selling such cosmetics do not allow swatches. Just be sure of the shade you want and buy according; then there will be no need for swatches at all.

Buy from local markets

Big companies often focus on profit and use chemicals and machines that are harmful for the environment. Not just the product components, but the process to make them is also detrimental to greenness. Therefore look for cosmetic products that are handmade, or are part of a cottage industry. This will also have another advantage. The products sold in the local market are often made by the people who sell them. Therefore, you can always find them and get your beauty product custom made to suit your beauty requirements.


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