Never-Before Thought About Ways to Use Your Old Toothbrush

Old Toothbrush

Dentists suggest that we should change our toothbrushes after every three months and those who follow this rule rigorously tend to get rid of toothbrushes at a very fast pace. If toothbrushes are disposed of at this rate, they will certainly add much more plastic to the already depleting ecological system and will add to the massive amount of waste which takes thousands of years to get completed decomposed. So instead of throwing the toothbrushes away, you can stack them up and use them for a number of home applications. You will be surprised to know that the toothbrush that you were about to trash can actually be so handy.

Old ToothbrushThe following are some of the uses and applications of a used or old toothbrush:

Beauty applications

Old toothbrushes can be used to clean the hand or foot fingernails as these help to remove hidden dirt effectively and make the nails appear shinier. All you need for this is some soap and a little water. Infact, an old toothbrush can also be used to brush the eyebrows and save a lot of cost over expensive beauty products.

For cleaning tiles, floors and crayon marks on walls

A used toothbrush definitely has better use outside the trash than in it and one proof of this is its application for cleaning floor tiles and wall tiles. You will be amazed to see how quickly and effortlessly an old toothbrush cleans off the crayon marks which your little one made on the walls.  To do so, you need some shaving cream put on the mark and your toothbrush which acts as a removing agent.  To clean the tiles of the floor, you need 1 part Borax, 2 parts baking soda and 2 parts water.

Cleaning hairbrush

One of the best uses of an old toothbrush is in cleaning of hairbrushes which get entangled with hair and tend to get dirtier everyday. Use your toothbrush between the spikes and lift the hair easily. Another way of doing so is by first soaking your hairbrush in some soap water solution for 30 minutes and then using the old toothbrush for its cleaning.

Removing stains from clothes

If you have got your favorite shirt or skirt stained, then your old toothbrush can come to your rescue and remove even the persistent stains.  Apply a little stain remover on the brush and then use it to get the stain off easily.

Cleaning home appliances

When you come to think of it, an old toothbrush can be used to clean almost any home appliance from a bread toaster, to a mixer grinder, to even a refrigerator.  The brush can be used to remove the stains on the hard to reach places of coffee machines and microwaves as well.

Applying hair color

If you wish to apply hair color with utmost precision, then you can take help of an old used toothbrush for this.  You will be surprised to see the ease with which the brush does the job.

Cleaning of shoe soles

Has the sole of your shoe gotten dirty and needs cleaning? Well consider using your old toothbrush as it goes within the thinner lines and gets the dirt off easily and in no time at all.


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