Green Spring Cleaning Tips 2014

Green Spring Cleaning Tips 2014

With spring so close you must start scraping off the dust in your house and get rid of all the useless things you’ve stockpiled during winter. But before hitting the cleaning products shelf, ask yourself if they are safe.

Green Spring Cleaning Tips 2014

Things to know

Is there any chance you may have toxic cleaning products in the house? The answer to this question is most likely positive. Paint and window cleaners are only two examples of chemical products which can put you and your family at risk. Ever wondered why do you experience headaches and dizziness after a good day of cleaning? If you use toxic chemicals they have an impact on your health immediately so it’s time to throw them in the garbage and turn to “green” cleaning products. Your health will thank you, the environment will thank you and both your pocket and your clean house will be grateful for this change.

Fresh air

After winter we always feel the need to open our windows as wide as possible and let the spring air come in. And another reason to do this is the toxicity of common air-fresheners used during cold season. Replace your air-freshener with natural essential oils or fresh-cut flowers. Your lungs will no longer be in danger to breath in chemical based toxins and you will feel better.

Give up the paper

In a modern home the only paper required is the toilet paper. The rest of the paper we use usually adds to the landfill. Cut off the incredible amount of junk mail and paper bills by simply choosing not to receive paper printed advertising and opting to pay the bills online. As surprising as it may seem it’s really up to you to take simple actions to save the forests of the world.

Green laundry day

Before you push the start button on your washing machine think about how much water and energy it consumes. Then add the dryer consumption. You will end up with about 40 gallons of water per each top-load and 5 kilowatts and that’s a lot. To go green on your laundry you need to think twice and wash once – jeans and jackets can be used twice or more before washing. To cut off on energy consumption install a clothesline and allow the wet clothes to air-dry.

Water-paint instead of toxic paint

You are probably worried about allergies that come along with spring, but take a look on your inside walls first. Wall paint contains more than 300 toxic ingredients which are released into the atmosphere for up to 6 years after the moment you applied it on your walls. This is the paint your toddler touches every day, without washing his/her hands afterward. Replace the traditional paint with water-based paint which contains no toxic ingredients and it is scentless.

Recycle-Reuse-Reward yourself

During spring cleaning you will dispose a lot of used shirts, socks and other pieces of clothing. Other used objects are on their garbage way as well. Before throwing them take a closer look and take back all what you can reuse. Papers are great window polishers, T-shirts are good cleaning cloths and an old chair can make a fashionable stool with some DIY work.

Spring is the renewal season and you should clean your house and offer a new life for used objects. Repair what is broken, wash and scrub everything to the core, replace toxic chemicals with “green” products and dispose of the rest. After all these are done you can sit back and enjoy springtime.


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