Why Should You Buy from a Thrift Shop?

Why Should You Buy from a Thrift Shop

The right choices when shopping is concerned can make a difference not just to the wallet but also to the environment. Consignment and thrift shopping help trim budgets and contribute to a reduced carbon footprint. For the uninitiated, this may seem like hearsay, but in fact, thrift or second hand shopping for apparels and accessories is here to stay.

Why Should You Buy from a Thrift Shop


Thrift shopping became a trend during the recession. Although the economy is showing signs of improving cautious shoppers, like to get their bargains at thrift or consignment shops. Many thrift shoppers are doing so as a conscious step to reduce their carbon footprint.

How is it Green?

Most of clothes sold in the United States come from other countries. This translates into transportation over thousands of miles, causing a huge carbon footprint in the form of fuel consumed. Second-hand apparel on the other hand, has a small footprint, as the fuel consumed is limited to that used by the donor/seller and the buyer to arrive at the store.

Thrift Shopping Environment Mantras of Reuse and Reduce

When a person buys used clothes, they are reusing and thus saving on all the environmental effects of producing a new garment. The old clothes may have ended in a landfill, creating more garbage. New products come with a lot of packaging material that invariably ends up in the landfill. So buying vintage or second hand products eliminates packing material.

Bargains & Benefits

Many thrift or second hand shops sell designer wear and accessories that result in great bargains. Popular designer labels are available at a fraction of their original cost, because they are second-hand.



This is a thriving thrift shop that promotes the concept of online second hand shopping. The clothes are sorted in categories namely designers, size, trends or real women’s closet. A click on the desired item results in information regarding the price and the owner’s exchange preference.


This chic thrift store chain has a presence in 32 locations. The stores are clean and well stocked with designer goods that are available at unbelievable prices. Ask specifically for the pre-worn section as they sell fresh merchandise too.

Give + Take

This wonderful swap shop is located in the Santa Monica area. For a nominal membership fee, shoppers can swap clothes and other accessories at the store. The only expense incurred is the tax difference. This gives the liberty of trying fashion trends that one may otherwise avoid.

Closet Trading Company

This is an extremely popular shop, as most merchandize held by them has designer origins and is available at bargain prices. Choices in both high end and mid-range designer labels are easily available for the thrift shoppers.


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