Test Your Home for Radon


Did you ever think about the fact that you might have radon in your home? This is one of the leading causes of lung cancer. Radon is a natural gas that comes from uranium tainted rocks and soil. In case you would like to know whether you’re exposed to it, there is a test you could perform.

Test Your Home for Radon

The Things You Need

In order to carry out the test, there are some things that you need. You should buy a radon test kit and make sure you have a measure tape and a pair of scissors at hand. Also let your family know about the test that you are about to perform so that they won’t get afraid.

Test Your Home for Radon 1

Get Prepared

In order for the test to be efficient, you will have to place your home under a lock-down for 12 hours. This means that you will have to close exterior doors and windows so that there will be no air movement. Such a lock-down may seem suspicious to your family and this is why you have to let them know about the test.

Open The Kit

For you to be able to open the kit there might be need to use the scissors. Inside you are supposed to find a couple of test vials, an information card, an envelope with the address of the radon test lab and more probably you will also have some information regarding the payment methods.

Test Your Home for Radon 2

Finding The Right Spot

You should choose a location as your test zone based on where you spend the most time in the house. It is best not to use the bathroom or the kitchen as the test zone. Instead think about the basement. Choose a place that is about 20 inches off the ground that place the vials six inches from each other.

Conduct The Test

Remove the caps of the vials and leave them in the basement for minimum 72 hours, but no more than 96 hours. Do not disturb the vials and don’t light the fireplace, use the AC, open windows, or operate fans. Also avoid opening the doors.

Test Your Home for Radon 3

Time’s Up

Once the time is up put a lid on the vials and fill out the data card that you found in the kit. Place everything into the envelope, including the payment, if necessary. Try to mail the envelope to the lab as soon as possible and wait for the results.


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