Post Holidays Recycling Facts and Ideas

Post Holidays Recycling Facts and Ideas

If we think about what events cause the largest additions to the landfills of the world we can place winter holidays on a top position.

Think about the huge crowds gathering in public spaces, the endless rain of confetti, champagne and beer bottles, paper cups, party hats and noise makers and the huge pile of garbage the public authorities gather after the New Year party.

Post Holidays Recycling Facts and Ideas

Consider also the amount of food we get for the Christmas table, the amount of food we throw away because it is impossible to consume, the myriad of gift wrappings we put in the garbage, the gifts we get rid of because we don’t like…and the list can go on for ages.

Unpleasant Facts

For several years now, the amount of the waste produced by a family between Thanksgiving and New Year increased by 25%. This is what makes the Environmental agency and the organizations supporting recycling to advise the general public on integrating post holidays recycling in the 2014 New Year Resolutions.

Things to do with Unwanted Gifts

Give away

Most of us get at least one thing we don’t like or want. Instead of adding it to the landfill, donate it to a charitable organization. You may not like a reindeer sweater but somebody less fortunate will be glad to receive it.

Plan to offer it to someone else

Who says you cannot give what you receive to somebody else? There are many occasions throughout the year when you have to offer something to a friend. Store the things you received and keep in mind to use and offer them when the moment comes.

Minimize the Damage of Holiday Shopping

Recycle old electronics

As a rule, winter holiday craze comes with shops offering discounts and people getting anything from a new TV to another phone or tablet. What you should keep in mind is that the e-waste has a huge impact on the environment and instead of throwing away the old stuff dispose of it using specialized services.

Gift wraps and Christmas tree

Small things make the large landfill. Instead of throwing it away use the gift wrap for in-house crafting or next year confetti. Pretty bows can be used to decorate future gifts and your Christmas tree can become part of a carefully thought compost. The important thing is to keep an open mind and reduce the damage as much as possible.


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