Best Green-Friendly Ways to Stay Cool in a Hot Apartment

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You want to live in a green-friendly apartment. Who doesn’t? We all care about the environment to some extent, and most of us also realize that green living costs less than wasteful living. But what about during those warm summer months in your very hot apartment?

In homes and rental properties across the country, concerns about saving cash and the planet may go right out the window on a hot day. As the temperature starts to climb, you may find yourself scowling at the energy company’s commercial asking you to keep the A/C at 78 degrees.

BRE properties

Resist the temptation to turn your apartment into an ice box. Follow these simple tips for green-friendly ways to stay cool in a hot apartment.

Assess apartment before moving in

When you’re looking for rental properties, pay attention to which way the unit faces. Is the giant sliding glass door facing west? This could mean afternoon breezes, but also harsh afternoon sun heating up the apartment at the end of a long, hot day. What about windows? Will they provide a good cross breeze through the apartment? Thinking about these little things before you sign can make all the difference when summer hits.

Limit direct sun

No matter which way the apartment is facing, it likely gets some direct sun at some point in the day. From Orange County apartments to Miami apartments, there are a lot of apartment communities that experience a high volume of sunny days. We all love the sun, but not on a sweltering day. Limiting the sun can help keep the apartment cooler. Consider installing outdoor shades or interior window coverings to block the sun when it’s at its strongest.

Strategically place fans

No, fans are not as green-friendly as fanning yourself with an old magazine, but fans use much less electricity than the air conditioning, so try this option first. You may need more than one fan, but don’t run a fan if you aren’t in the room. Try to place fans where they can bring cooler air in from outside or push warmer air out.

If you must, flip on the A/C

You can still consider yourself eco-friendly even if you have to resort to the air conditioning every once in a while. After all, it gets very hot in some parts of the country. However, if you have already limited direct sun and placed some fans, you will be able to keep the air conditioning at 78 degrees and be quite comfortable.

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