Creating Biodiversity within Your Business

biodiversity within your business

For many businesses, running a sustainable and eco-friendly operation that is rich in biodiversity is becoming increasingly important.

What do we mean by biodiversity? Biodiversity is a term that is commonly used to describe the degree of variation in life forms. Naturally, within your offices you will most likely only have human life forms, and perhaps the odd plant. However, any organisation with buildings or grounds can increase in biodiversity by considering its use of outside space carefully.

biodiversity within your business

The link between mental and physical health and having access to open, green spaces has long been demonstrated. We are all drawn towards landscapes that naturally show greater biodiversity. Hence, encouraging a widely diverse landscape within the confines of a company garden or grounds will promote positive connotations between workers and their workspace.

At the same time, it allows a greater variety of wildlife and fauna to thrive, thus contributing to the wider biodiversity of the local area.

So how can a business increase the biodiversity of its premises? As a starting point, the company can become a member of a biodiversity partnership or initiative. Doing so will provide the business with ideas, support and resources which can be used to introduce new green initiatives.

A company could start a project on site as a way of raising awareness of biodiversity. For instance, why not plant a wildflower meadow in an area of your grounds, or leave the grass to grow longer, thus encouraging wildlife to thrive? Alternatively, you could choose to enlist the help of willing employees to build a pond, thus providing a habitat for newts, toads, fish and birds to enjoy.

Should you have a larger area of land in the company’s possession that is not in use, you may wish to seek advice from an ecological consultancy such as on how to make best use of this space.

Another way by which you could create biodiversity within your business would be to hold a special staff workday focusing on environment-related tasks. For instance, you could brainstorm ideas on how to make your grounds more environmentally friendly, raise money for a local ecological charity or sponsoring a species, set to work in teams creating a wildlife garden or invite speakers in to talk to employees about local endangered species.

It is also a superb idea to get site and environmental managers on board in the matter of supporting local wildlife and encouraging biodiversity. By doing so, reviewing and changing the maintenance and management of your grounds becomes a primary focus.

Ensuring that this is the case can, in the long run, lead both to considerable savings and increased opportunities for staff involvement in promoting biodiversity.

These are but a few of the many ways by which any business can take steps to become more environmentally friendly. There has never been a better time to reorganise your operations to ensure you create an environment rich in biodiversity than as we enter 2014. So why not make doing so your company’s New Year Resolution?

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