Your Wallet Vs. Chimney Sweep


It’s nothing new, to try to cut some budgets around our house work, whether it’s the lawn maintenance or something a little more complicated, cutting down costs is important! With all that said, just make sure, if you are a “Do it yourself” type of person to consider the costs of the actual project. In this case, you can find helpful tips, pricing and more on cleaning your chimney, especially after all those toasty fires you enjoyed this year. Learn if the “juice is worth the squeeze” for clearing up soot, ashes and making sure your chimney stays not only clean, but efficient as well!

Below, you will find pointers on doing it yourself, materials you will need (depending on the difficulty of the task), and a chart that will guide you on how much you’re saving. Pay close attention and save money either way, this guide will help you and anyone you know, make the right decision on chimney hygiene.

The first few items on your chimney cleansing “to-do” list might seem challenging, but whether you decide to do it yourself (if it’s an option) or you want someone to do it for you, be safe and keep track of your immediate and long term savings!


Created by:  Fireplace Mall 


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