Toyota Prius Hybrid Named Best Value Car

Toyota Prius Hybrid Named Best Value Car

Although in the past period the fully electric cars and plug-in hybrids got the most attention from the public’s part, we shouldn’t forget about the good old hybrid cars either. It looks like the Toyota Prius really came to age and this year it has been voted the best value car.

Toyota Prius Hybrid Named Best Value Car

Why to Get a Prius

The hybrid cars are known to reduce the CO2 and smog emissions and they come with the perfect combination of reliability, performance, and low ownership costs. Before Toyota, Honda Fit received this award for four years in a row, but it is already the second year for Toyota to win the battle.

Remarkable Performance

The Prius comes with the best fuel economy results of all the hybrid cars, of 44 mpg. Although this isn’t the cheapest hybrid car to find on the market, its depreciation is very low so over the first 5 years its ownership cost is less than the initial MSRP. This is what makes the Prius a bargain.


The rating has been offered based on scores calculated using the 5 year ownership costs, road test scores and the predicted reliability scores. This means that the better the ratings of the car are, the less costs it generates over time and the better bargain it is.

Would you get a Toyota Prius?

The majority of the prospective clients are scared by the high price of the car and they opt for a cheaper hybrid. However, they don’t really calculate how much the car will cost them over time and this is the factor that gives the car its real value. It doesn’t really matter how much the initial costs are, but how much you will have to invest in it over a five years-time period.

Some Other Hybrid Cars to Consider

Even if you don’t like Toyota Prius for some reason, there are some other options for cars that may seem more appealing: Subaru Legacy Premium, Toyota Avalon hybrid Limited, Lexus ES300h, Mazda MX-5 Miata Grand Touring, Mazda 5 Grand Touring, Subaru Forester Premium, Nissan Murano SL, BMW X1, and Honda Ridgeline RTS.

In case you are thinking about getting a new car, it is a must for you to consider getting a hybrid because they are environment-friendlier than the other cars and they are also cheaper and more practical than the fully electric options (even though they have higher CO2 emissions than the electric cars).


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