Tips & Tricks To Maximise Your Home’s Energy Efficiency


Would you describe your home as energy efficient? Many of us are not actually sure whether our homes would qualify for this label. However, when you speak to a specialist or have a survey done, you will quickly discover all of the areas that your home could be improved in.

home-energy The whole point of being more energy efficient is so that you can cut your bills as well as do your bit for the environment. You will be able to use less energy, but the energy that you do use will have a bettereffect. After all, what is the point in paying for warm air that will quickly escape outdoors?

In order to get your home more attuned with your goals, here are a few things you could look at doing in terms of improving energy efficiency:


The first thing on the list is to look at roof insulation, as well as that in your walls. The right type of insulation can work wonders on your energy bills, and you will probably start wondering why you did not look into it sooner. There are specialists out there who will be able to identify the right type of insulation for your requirements, including your budget.

Windows and doors

There are some windows and doors that may look great, but they may not be doing your wallet any favours. This is because they could be leaking cold air indoors, and letting all of your warm air outside. In these cases it makes sense to schedule in some replacements when it will not be too much of an inconvenience, as well as when you can afford to do the job properly. In the meantime you could look at using draught excluders to try and minimise the problem.

Electricity usage

If your family has a few bad habits around the house, you could look at implementing some solutions to take over the jobs instead. This includes automatic light sensors so they are only used when people are in the room. Or you could look at getting timers that sit behind plug sockets; this means that items will get turned off at a certain time of the day or night.

Soft furnishings

It can make some difference to the warmth of your home if you use soft furnishings and decorations. For example, closing your curtains can actually help to retain heat in your home. The best pair will be relatively heavy, with a high thread count, but any curtains used will be better than none at all.


Finally you should head to your kitchen and utility room to check out your appliances. Are there any stickers that label them as energy efficient? These days many fridges, dishwashers and washing machines are made with eco-standards in mind. They can use much less water and electricity than other models. Therefore it is worth seeing whether it is time to replace your own so you save money in the long run.


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