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5 Waste Disposal Tips for Winter Holidays

While Christmas is known as a time for celebration, it is also known that it results in a lot of waste. The sad truth is that not all people know how to manage this waste in an environment-friendly way. If you would like to make sure that you don’t make more waste than absolutely necessary, […]

Toyota Prius Hybrid Named Best Value Car

Toyota Prius Hybrid Named Best Value Car

Although in the past period the fully electric cars and plug-in hybrids got the most attention from the public’s part, we shouldn’t forget about the good old hybrid cars either. It looks like the Toyota Prius really came to age and this year it has been voted the best value car. Why to Get a […]


Tips & Tricks To Maximise Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Would you describe your home as energy efficient? Many of us are not actually sure whether our homes would qualify for this label. However, when you speak to a specialist or have a survey done, you will quickly discover all of the areas that your home could be improved in. The whole point of being […]


Your Wallet Vs. Chimney Sweep

It’s nothing new, to try to cut some budgets around our house work, whether it’s the lawn maintenance or something a little more complicated, cutting down costs is important! With all that said, just make sure, if you are a “Do it yourself” type of person to consider the costs of the actual project. In […]

Corals are Able to Fight the Ocean Pollution

Corals are Able to Fight the Ocean Pollution

According to the latest researches regarding ecology, unlike many other marine species, corals are able to adapt to the increasing acidity of the ocean waters. While in the past it has been thought that the coral reefs will disappear as a result of the industrialization, the specialists have found that the corals chose the path […]