A Greener World with Ethical Consumption Replacing Activism


If you would like to make a change in the world there is no need to go out on the streets and shout messages at other people. In case you have a busy life, you should consider ethical consumption as a way to make a change in the world.

A Greener World with Ethical Consumption Replacing Activism

Excessive Consumption

All humans have a need of having more “stuff”. Many people see as their goal to surpass the Joneses who have the trendiest clothes and hi-tech gadgets. Naturally it’s not only about the need of people to own things, but we also have to take into consideration that some objects are meant to break within a period of time.

The “Buy nothing month”

You might say that one month of not buying any new stuff won’t make a change in the world, you should consider that this way you will start a behavior pattern that will become a new way of life for you. If you try this new method, you will reduce the amount of things you consume, decrease the amount of waste produced, and you will think about the efficiency and effectiveness besides the environmental impact of the items that you buy.

The Results

In case you ever try sticking to this kind of behavior for a month you will see that you don’t really need all the things you thought you did. You will also learn that second-hand items can be just as good as new ones and “sharing economy” isn’t such a bad idea.

Find New Sources

If you would like to get “new” items, there are a lot of possibilities that you could be thinking about. You can be thinking about car boot sales, charity shops, Swap Shop, Freegle, Rent My Items, and Street Lend. There are a lot of networks meant to connect the people who have stuff to offer and who have stuff that they need.


The truth is that nobody will ever thank you personally for your help, but you will find the behavior more than rewarding. This is because you will make the life span of products longer instead of throwing them on a landfill. In the same time you will also send a message to the people around you.

Every big change starts with a small change and maybe it is time for you to take a small step towards a better tomorrow living a cheaper, greener and more rewarding life.


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