2013 and The Eco Friendly Side of Modern Parenting

2013 and The Eco Friendly Side of Modern Parenting

The way your children act has a direct effect on the environment especially because they copy your actions. This is why you have to make sure that you teach them to become environment-conscious adults. Teaching your children doesn’t have to be difficult and they are a lot of fun activities to educate the little one.

2013 and The Eco Friendly Side of Modern Parenting


Children learn at a young age that if they use much of something, there won’t be any left. Tell the children to always turn off the tap once they are done washing their hands and not to let the water running while they wash their teeth. This way there will be more water left.

Energy Saving

It is easy for children to flick the switch, but it is a huge waste to have a light on in an empty room. Teach your children to always switch the lights off when they leave the room. You could make them think it is a game by asking them to look around the house and find the lights that are left on.


If you have a recycling system, you should teach your children why you are recycling. Try to find some photos to show children what could happen if they didn’t recycle. This way children will have a better understanding of the effects of them not recycling.

Worm Farming

Children usually love having pets and you can be sure that they would love having worms as well. The good think about these animals is that they are easy to upkeep and you can be sure that there will be no waste left around the house.

Planting a Tree

Make the child understand that the more trees they have around them, the more oxygen and clean air they will have. Show the child how to plant a tree. In order to make this a fun activity, you should let the child pick some flowers to plant at the base of the tree.

Do Some Organic Shopping

The next time you go to the supermarket, you should let the child choose some organic vegetables and fruits. It is important for children to know about organic foods, not just the ones in cans and jars. To have a green shopping, you should bring a canvas bag so you won’t need a plastic one.

Children learn very fast and learning good practices will stick by them in the future.

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