Green Tips to Get Rid of Clutter

Junk Mail and Phone Books

Clutter appears in the moment when we bring something in our homes that we never intend to use. The truth is that decluttering your home may be more difficult than you have thought. The first step is to avoid gathering things that you aren’t planning on using.

Junk Mail and Phone Books

Junk Mail and Phone Books

Generally speaking, a household receives about 850 junk mails each year. As a result it is no wonder that about a quarter of waste is made of paper. In order to get rid of such mail you have to pay $1 for your address to be removed from mailing lists and thus you can decrease the junk mail you get by 75%.

Paperless Billing

One of the best things you may do is switching to electronic billing. As a result you won’t have clutter on your desk anymore (only in your inbox). Don’t forget that the less paper you use, the less trees are cut. Naturally there are some cons as well but the pros outweigh them.

A Laptop

A Laptop

It is a good idea to switch your old desktop computer for a laptop. This uses a lot less energy and it also saves you a lot of space. If you feel like you couldn’t live without a desktop computer, you should get an LCD monitor with an energy star rating.

Downloading Software

If you buy a CD with software on it, for sure it comes with a user’s manual, box, packaging and so on that the majority of people think they should keep and this is where clutter comes from. Downloading programs will take care of this problem and you will also be able to reduce e-waste.

Answering Machine

Almost all households in the U.S. have an answering machine. However, there is another possibility as well: using the voice mail. If all answering machines were replaced, about 2 billion kilowatt hours could be saved, which equals the resources used by 250,000 cars.

Power Strip

A lot of people leave their chargers in the power outlets even after their devices are charged. It might be a very good idea to buy a power line. You should turn this on only when you have something charging, otherwise turn it off. This way you will be able to save energy.

There are many other options as well for you to use to do yourself and the planet a favor and save resources.


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