Formula E News – Is There a Future in Racing Electric Cars?

Formula E News - Is There a Future in Racing Electric Cars

For sure you know what Formula 1 or F1 is, but you may have never heard about Formula E before. This is the same as Formula 1, but it is only for electric cars. It is said to debut in September 2014 and the first car to take part in the competition has been unveiled at the International Motor Show held in Frankfurt.

Formula E News - Is There a Future in Racing Electric Cars

The Car and its Limits

This car produced by Renault can reach a maximum speed of 130 miles per hour. If you take a look at the car you will see that it looks something like a combination of an F1 car and a concept car. Just imagine that in only one year some lucky drivers will be racing with such cars.

The Competition

There will be 10 teams racing, each team with two drivers. All the drivers will have two cars, so there will be 40 cars. The competition will also allow the use of 2 additional cars which will mainly be used for testing. All the cars should be able to race for 20-25 minutes and the races should be 60 minutes long. This means that each driver will have to switch cars at the middle of the race and this is why all the drivers need two cars.

The Role of the Race

The race isn’t only for speed. The FIA has always been a major supporter of innovation and technology and a race of this kind will be able to introduce electronic cars into the world of sports. The organizers also hope that the technical advancements made with the race cars will be able to be used in case of personal cars as well, thus contributing to the development of this niche.

Open Competition

The race is an open competition so all the manufacturers will be able to show off the results of their technologies. The development of the new technology incorporate all the best that the major manufacturers have to offer, including Renault, Dallara, Williams, McLaren, and Michelin.

Making History

All the participants of the race agree that they are making history and this is the first step towards a world where the cars don’t pollute and all the competitions of this kind are environment-friendly.

Even if you aren’t a big fan of cars, you might be interested in a competition of this kind to see what electric cars are really capable of. Maybe this will determine you to get an electric car.


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