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Non-destructive and Low Cost Tech to Prevent Mercury Contamination

Non-Destructive and Low Cost Tech to Prevent Mercury Contamination

It is a known fast that mercury represents a threat to food webs and ecosystems. However, getting rid of mercury can be very expensive. The good news is that the specialists may have found a low-cost way to decrease the risk of exposure which is based on charcoal. What is it all about? There are […]

Green Halloween Tips 2013

Green Halloween Tips 2013

When it comes to the holidays the majority of people aren’t really concerned about the costs and they don’t mind spending on items that they will never use again. However, if you would like to make sure that you will have a green Halloween, there are some tips that you could try. Costumes It is […]

Formula E News - Is There a Future in Racing Electric Cars

Formula E News – Is There a Future in Racing Electric Cars?

For sure you know what Formula 1 or F1 is, but you may have never heard about Formula E before. This is the same as Formula 1, but it is only for electric cars. It is said to debut in September 2014 and the first car to take part in the competition has been unveiled […]

wacky office design

Wacky Office Designs

Traditionally the office isn’t an inspirational or stimulating environment to be in. Despite spending the best part of our working day in the office, we’ve grown to accept dull environments. Everything from the décor to the furniture is bland, uniform and made all the more monochrome thanks to the strip lighting scheme on one setting […]

smart meters

The environmental benefits of smart meters

Your company, whether it’s a small family-run enterprise or a huge multinational institution, needs to be as green as it can be these days, but for many firms becoming kinder to the Earth often involves spending ever increasing amounts of money. With a gas meter upgrade, however, the initial outlay could be recouped easily and […]

Junk Mail and Phone Books

Green Tips to Get Rid of Clutter

Clutter appears in the moment when we bring something in our homes that we never intend to use. The truth is that decluttering your home may be more difficult than you have thought. The first step is to avoid gathering things that you aren’t planning on using. Junk Mail and Phone Books Generally speaking, a […]

Composting Leaves and How to Do It

Composting Leaves and How to Do It

For sure you know that composting is a great way to give your garden a boost. Leaves are great for composting because they have all the best the soil has to offer. However, in many cases people encounter some problems and they are looking for the right solution. Tips for Successful Composting Sometimes the leaves […]