Why use Semi – Static Composting

Why use Semi - Static Composting

Nobody really likes the smell of rotting food in their thrash. Naturally this is not the only reason for which people should be thinking more about food waste efficiency. One of the best things that people could do is to use a home composting system. If they opt for semi-static composting they won’t have to continuously check their composting bin.

Why use Semi - Static Composting


If you don’t have a lot of time to waste on composting, you should burry your food waste so that the smell won’t attract any unwanted gests. This way you will get rid of the unnecessary food, you won’t have critters, and you will have fresh compost for your garden.

Make a Pile

To get things started with, you should gather branches and sticks and create a pile with them. This will be the bottom of the pile. It should be close enough to the house to be convenient to carry the food too, but it shouldn’t be unpleasant for the eyes.

The Second Layer

Once you are done with the bottom part, you should add another layer made of 50% woody materials and 50% green material. For instance you can use freshly cut grass or leaves, straw and woodchips. If you have cardboard or newspapers that you don’t need anymore, they will do the trick as well.

The Food

Add the food that you would like to turn into compost under the first layer. Make sure that you mark this pile so that you won’t use the same spot twice. You should go on adding the waste food until you have about six flags.

Another Layer

Once you think you added enough food to the pile, you should add another layer of 50% green materials and another 50% of woody materials. You should allow the composting process to take place for about two weeks.

Turn the Pile

Once the two weeks are over, you should turn over the pile. In case the compost seems to be homogenous and there is no steam coming from it, you should feel free to use it in your garden. If it isn’t homogenous yet, you should keep turning it every couple of days until it becomes ready to be scattered around the garden.

As you can see, composting is not difficult, but it does require some level of commitment. Once you get the hang of it you will see that it is a cheap and fast.


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