The Evolution of LED and Other Ecofriendly Home Upgrades

The Evolution of LED and Other Ecofriendly Home Upgrades

In the past LED lights have been considered eco-friendly, not too powerful and expensive. Although they haven’t been too powerful, they were a good option because they didn’t use too much electricity. Since then a lot has changed and people have a different opinion about LED lights now.

The Evolution of LED and Other Ecofriendly Home Upgrades

LED Lights Today

The specialists worked hard to make the LED lights more attractive and in our days it is a broadly accepted method of lighting. If you compare the LED lights with a traditional light bulb, you will see that a LED light consumes a lot less energy, it lasts longer, but it’s slightly less intense.

LED Products

The good news is that there are a lot of LED products, such as LED strips, vehicle bulb replacements and some super heavy duty LED lights. There are also a lot of different shades available including various shades of white and some other vibrant colors.

Solar Clothes Dryer

This is something that even your grandparents had: a clothes line in the backyard. Although a lot of people can’t have it because of lack of space, you should know that the dryer is one of the appliances that consume the most electricity in your home.

Ceiling Fan

This is a piece of equipment that you can use during both the summer and the winter. During the summer it can move air around in the room and it will cool people down. The majority of the fans have a switch that allows them to work in the reverse direction as well, to push down the hot air during winter.

Drapes and Shades

In order to make sure that you won’t have to use the air conditioning that much, you should install shades and drapes to keep the temperature in the house cooler during summer when the sunrays get through the window and they increase the temperature inside.

The Kitchen

If you are thinking about remodeling the kitchen, you should make sure that you choose Energy Star appliances that require a lot less resources. Also consider using renewable or recyclable materials, such as marmoleum, granite, and bamboo.

Non-Toxic Paint

In case your home requires a new paint job, you should make sure that you opt for non-toxic paint. This way, your family will have a healthy living environment. The traditional paint products contain numerous different kinds of chemicals, such as VOCs.

All people should do everything they can to make their home eco-friendly.


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