Will You Buy a Green Home or Make One Green?

buy a green home

Recent surveys have shown that environmentally friendly measures in a property can help it sell for more money. This is great if you are selling your house but what if you are buying one?

You might be tempted if you find a green house at the right price but could you also make an environmentally unfriendly one better? There are some relatively easy ways to turn any home into something which is far less damaging to the planet.

buy a green home

Make the Garden Greener

Maybe you are looking at a property for sale and it is nice but you feel put off by the fact that the outdoors area is paved over or filled with gravel. With a bit of time to work on the garden you could add in some grass and plants and trees.

An added bonus you get with this approach is that of seeing the garden progress over the years. If you really want to do your bit for the environment then you could try to encourage some local wildlife to join you in there in the evenings.

Add Solar Panels

Adding solar panels to a property is an expensive business but it is undoubtedly a tremendous way of cutting down on your energy bills and making the property greener.

If the property you are thinking of buying doesn’t use solar energy then this is an option you should seriously consider, as you are likely to be thankful in the future that you added the panels. Don’t forget that even if you don’t use all of the energy you produce you can sell the excess to the grid and recover even more of your initial outlay that way.

Change the Windows

One of the first things you should do when you consider buying a new home is to look at its windows. If they are modern double glazing windows then you are looking at a house with some decent green credentials in this respect.

However, if it has old and not very impressive looking windows then you should look to see this reflected in the purchase price. You can then use the saving you make on the price you pay to get top quality windows fitted from a reliable firm.

You will find details on window models at www.Anglianhome.co.uk. Your new windows will play a huge part in ensuring that the property is far more environmentally friendly than before.

The right windows in the property will make sure that you don’t pay to heat up the air inside in the house just to see it escape all too easily. By making this change you will feel a lot happier about calling it a green home.

Source: sunergysolarproducts.com


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