4 Ways Your Business Can Be Greener and Save Money


Saving energy doesn’t have to mean spending money. From energy-saving tricks to simple recycling tactics, making your business greener is a great way to save more money. Lower electricity bills, reduced gas payments, and a higher level of working productivity are some of the numerous financial benefits of a green office.

From simple insulation tips to office paper policies, we’ve prepared four excellent ways to save resources while improving your business’s balance sheet. If you need to cut electricity usage and cut expenses, make sure you give them all a try.

The greener the office, the greater your productivity

1.Reuse scrap paper for office notes

Despite the popularity of digital to-do lists, one of the most effective ways to work more efficiently is to write your top tasks down. Instead of pulling out a fresh piece of white paper, use scrap paper to jot down your daily to-do list.

Reusing scrap paper – or better yet, having a stack of note-sized papers ready – is a great way to reduce usage of expensive printer paper. Reduce your carbon footprint and your monthly paper bill, all the while keeping convenient day-to-day notes.

2.Encourage your employees to carpool or usage public transportation

Do you work in a remote office park? Instead of taking your own car, organize a car pool for your company. Smart carpooling is a great way to cut down on petrol usage while reducing commuting costs for your employees.

Even a once-weekly carpool is enough to reduce your employees’ commuting costs, particularly if your office is located outside a major city. If you’re located in a major city where public transport is great – say, Central London – encourage employees to travel by train by paying for their monthly bulk travel pass.

3.Unplug electrical equipment when it’s not in use

An unused computer, an on-but-never-full fridge, and a remote LCD display are all an expensive ticket to electrical frustration. When you’re not using your electrical equipment, unplug it, and ask your employees to do the same.

You might be surprised to learn how much energy an unused PC can draw from the socket. Instead of hoping that your inactive devices won’t increase your electricity bill, plug them out and be certain that you won’t overpay for energy.

4.Let your employees telecommute

Over the last decade, an increasing number of businesses have encouraged many of their employees to work from home. Considering the benefits, both environmental and financial, it’s hard to disagree with their logic.

From decreased petrol usage to reduced office energy costs, telecommuting is one of the best ways to reduce your operational energy costs. If your employees are able to work from home without compromising their work, encourage them to do so.

This article was written by Mather and Stuart, the UK’s top eco-friendly generator hire company.


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