3 Smart Eco-Friendly Changes for Your Business


Today’s companies have many greener business options available to them than ever before; from redesigning and greening up old buildings to implementing state of the art Eco-architecture for new structures and beyond. But, having an environmentally friendly business is more than just the walls that surround the staff or meeting the requirements for the city’s plans for sustainability.

Adding new technology all around can have a big impact. What once seemed like an expensive — and sometimes controversial trend, is now a way of life for many businesses and it’s getting more affordable every year. If you check out some of the tools available to you at sites like Energy Earth you will be pleasantly surprised at the wide array of options and implementations.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed and sometimes good intentions can get lost in the maze of figuring out what to do first, so here are a few great ways your company can lessen its carbon footprint and start saving valuable resources now.

Eco friendly businessResponsible Printing     

From uniforms to marketing materials eco-printing has come a long way. Today you can have your products printed by companies that boast 100% zero Greenhouse Gas emissions. Recycled paper or fabrics, earth-friendly inks and clean manufacturing processes have opened ever increasing doors for today’s environmentally conscience business owner or manager.

Because more people are moving toward eco-printing the cost is decreasing making it an attainable line item to add to your check list of things to do.

Swapping to Solar Power and More

Solar power has been around a long time, and many businesses were slow to jump on-board, but some of today’s biggest companies are now using it and they are reaping the rewards for having embraced it so thoroughly. As of mid-2012, more than 2,300 megawatts (MW) of solar electricity was deployed in more than 24,000 facilities across the country.

Companies are controlling costs and improving their bottom lines using wind turbines, solar-panels, and bio-gas lessening their impact on the environment. These usage figures will only grow as more and more companies begin making the switch.

Recycling for a Greater Cause

Lots of companies recycle different operating materials, but what about every day recycling? Steeping an effort into an even greater cause can be just the ticket to get more people involved; the trick is finding a cause or goal everyone will appreciate.

Encourage staff to participate in every day recycling at the office (cans, bottles, etc). Provide a convenient place for them to accumulate it and set a company goal. Use the redemption proceeds for a quarterly company party or retreat or even as a donation to an agreed upon local charity.

The list is long of green options and there are practical applications for every business. The Internet is a great tool. Talk to other businesses and find out what they are doing. Ask for referrals and don’t be afraid to negotiate along the way. Remember, technology can bring a great many things, but things are only great if people use them. There is nothing wrong with starting small. They key is getting started.


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