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Plummeting Solar Panel Prices help Surge in Popularity of Renewable Energy

Until recently, anyone who had their heart set on installing a solar panel of some sort on the roof of their property may have baulked at the cost, but recent falls in the cost of photovoltaic (PV) panels may render them a little more affordable. Although take-up of solar panels has increased, the total income […]

Eco-Friendly Cabinets for Your Modern Kitchen

Eco-Friendly Cabinets for Your Modern Kitchen

Kitchen renovation seems to be the activity of this season. Here are a few places where you can shop for environmental friendly kitchen cabinets and accessories. 1. EcoUrban EcoUrban is a brand that uses environment friendly cabinets in affordable wood veneer and stainless steel. The materials are sourced domestically and free from formaldehyde-based substrates and […]

Green Living

Top 5 Green Living Apps

Climate change has been a long running problem, worrying world leaders and the population alike about where the planet is heading. This has been one big reason why the going green phenomenon took off in the first place. Preserving our natural resources, ensuring a bright future for our children and reducing pollution are three big […]

What makes a great Garden Office? (Infographic)

What makes a great Garden Office? (Infographic)

We are always looking to save money in the garden, and this Infographic from Gembuild Garden Offices might just help! If you’re thinking about purchasing a garden office, this Infographic is a good starting point. It shows the type of high specification garden office you should be looking for, especially when companies can charge out […]

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3 Smart Eco-Friendly Changes for Your Business

Today’s companies have many greener business options available to them than ever before; from redesigning and greening up old buildings to implementing state of the art Eco-architecture for new structures and beyond. But, having an environmentally friendly business is more than just the walls that surround the staff or meeting the requirements for the city’s plans for sustainability. Adding new […]

Eco Friedly Fridge Freezer

What to Look Out For In an Eco-Friendly Fridge Freezer

Finding yourself an eco-friendly fridge-freezer isn’t only going to help the environment – it’s also a great saver on your energy bills. Technology has come a long way and newer models are far more efficient than the older ones. It is generally expected that cooling appliances, such as fridge freezers, are the second highest contributor […]