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Cigarettes – Bad For You, Bad For the Environment

By now, everyone knows that cigarettes are pretty bad for you. Not only are they packed with carcinogens like tar, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide, but they can increase the risk of various cancers. There’s also nicotine – most people believe this is a harmless aspect of a cigarette, but actually the addictive substance increases the […]

Eco-Friendly Freezer

The Best Eco-Friendly Freezers: A Step Towards Lessening our Carbon Footprint

Fridges and freezers are two of the greatest household consumers of energy. Along with high energy consumption, most fridges and freezers also use HFC gases, which, due to the carbon dioxide that they produce, are known to have a significant effect on the climate. With the increasingly urgent call of environmentalists for humanity to reduce […]

Earthship Home

Alternative Building Methods for Eco-housing

With so much junk to deal with and so many homeless people around the world, eco-housing has become the need of the hour. Here are some alternative building methods which are foundations for various eco-housing projects around the world. 1.  Earthship Home Earthship home is one of the pioneers in the subject of alternative building […]


The World’s Greenest Businesses: How They Do It

Never before has it been so important for businesses of all sizes to be as eco-friendly as possible. Whether it’s simply by cutting down on energy use or by developing or using new, less energy intensive technology, being green can help to boost bank balances as well as images. Here are just a few examples […]

How to Spruce Up Your Home with Eco-Friendly Paint

How to Spruce Up Your Home with Eco-Friendly Paint

If you are planning on a painting job in your house or office, then it is time to consider eco-friendly paints as an option. In this context eco-friendly paint means those with low volatile organic compounds (VOC). All paints are chemical based and many of these chemicals have large concentrations of organic compounds which release […]

Young People Helping Environment

How Young People Can Help the Environment

Young people these days take a lot of flack from the older generation for one thing or another. However, many are keen to actually do their bit for the community, society and the environment. The green cause has been highlighted to people of all ages over recent years, and it is up to everyone to […]