10 Ways to Go Green This Year

10 Ways to Go Green This Year

Eco-friendly is the latest way to show your gratitude to your society. If you are taking baby steps into the world of eco-friendly living then here are 10 ways of doing it right away:

10 Ways to Go Green This Year

1. Recycle

If this is something you have already been hearing everyday then it is time you did it. Recycling is a single most important way to save the planet. More than 90% of the plastic that ends up in the plastic could have been recycled. So recycle and save the planet.

2. Support a Cause

Eco-friendly could also mean conservation and protection. You can help many such causes by volunteering time, money or both. Associating with such organizations helps spread awareness and gives you the satisfaction of having involved yourself in some community activity.

3. Switch to Smart Lighting

Smart lighting is a technology where motion sensors and heat sensors detect the presence or absence of people in a room and switch on and off automatically. They also give remote access to the owner so that you can monitor the consumption of energy at home and control them accordingly.

4. Plant Trees

If you have space in your backyard then have a garden and even if you do not, use some outdoor space in your home to include greenery. You could also sign up for a community service involved in afforestation and urban greenery activities. Plants are the green lungs of our planet. They absorb pollution and help maintain favorable ecological balance.

5. Go Vintage

If you can, try and buy renovated furniture and décor accessories for your home. This way you help recycle old material and save the forests and mining fields.

6. Eco-Friendly Gifting

From gifts to gift bags, try using biodegradable material. Avoid plastic and electronic products as gifting solutions. Get creative – gift plants, organic sweets and biodegradable stationery.

7. Composting

Composting is an easy way to avoid buying fertilizers for your kitchen garden. This is also a major environmental step towards green living.

8. Repair Instead of Replacing

If you can help it, then try not to throw out your faded bookshelf or a ripped sofa. Try and get them repaired. It is a big step towards austerity, the meaning of which many of us have long forgotten.

9. Carpool

While being a cost cutter, carpooling helps you socialize and more importantly save on precious fossil fuel. Alternately, you could switch to using a bike or resort to walking or running to pick up stuff from your grocery store. You also stand better chances of getting healthier.

10. Stick to It

While we do make commitments for a green living, many of us have a tough time sticking with our green goals. Keep yourself motivated by teaming up with your partner, family, friends and the community at large. This way you are in a long term relationship with the planet.

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