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10 Ways to Go Green This Year

10 Ways to Go Green This Year

Eco-friendly is the latest way to show your gratitude to your society. If you are taking baby steps into the world of eco-friendly living then here are 10 ways of doing it right away: 1. Recycle If this is something you have already been hearing everyday then it is time you did it. Recycling is […]

Go Green with Your Home office

Go Green with Your Home office

Office gadgets are often the main culprits of e-pollution. Home offices are not too far in this aspect. While most of us are making efforts to turn our homes green, we tend to neglect the office part of it. Here are 7 ways to go green with your home office. 1. Power Terminal Get a […]

Air Purifier

10 Eco Friendly Nursery Ideas for Your New Born

Green living is deemed as the big revolution to take over our planet, for the planet. An eco friendly living contributes to create a healthy environment and a healthy you. In this direction, giving a green nursery to your newborn that is free of toxic substances is a lovely idea. Here are some design ideas […]

Save Money on Energy

Want to Save Money on Energy This Year? Top tips

It’s the start of a new year and just a glance out the window at the ‘changeable’ weather will prove beyond doubt that global warming really is a problem. Saving energy is more important now than ever, but it’s hard to see what you alone can do to affect a global problem. If the state […]

Cleaning carpets

How to Remove Tough Stains without Using Dangerous Chemicals

While it may seem like an easy option to use shop-bought chemicals to clean your home, these products often contain harmful chemicals that are bad for your skin as well as the environment. There are a number of very simple ways of cleaning most things in your home in an ecological fashion, so without further […]