Belkin’s Wemo: A Light Switch on Your Finger Tips


In line with the fast growing remote controlled appliances segment, Belkin has come out with remote controlled light switches in the WeMo series. This series focuses on controlling home electronics from practically anywhere in the world. The new range of wireless switches will allow you to operate your home lighting system from anywhere using your smart phone.

Belkin’s Wemo A Light Switch on Your Finger Tips

How WeMo Works

According to the researchers at Belkin, market research and customer feedback revealed that there was a huge demand for remote controlled appliances not only in the plug-in appliances segment but also the household lighting systems as well. The R&D at Belkin worked on this request and has come out with this hi-tech switch that enables its users to manage their light settings.

The WeMo light switch is easy to install. It replaces the current switch and fits into the existing electrical wiring of the house. Upon installation it can be controlled using any Apple device or better still any Android enabled device. The installation comes with a WeMo app that can be downloaded onto any mobile android device so as to operate the switch through it. The operation is enabled through wi-fi or internet connectivity.

Set Up and Installation

The WeMo line light system comprises of a light switch, a baby monitor, a wall plug and a motion sensor chip that turns the device off when anyone leaves the room. Thus it is a huge energy and money saver and works wonders for those with children and older people who often forget to put the lights off behind them.

Why Choose WeMo Lighting Systems

This eco-friendly design is also supported by an energy star rating, thus making it the ideal choice for all those who want to step up and do something for our planet. When you choose such eco-friendly products you also gain in terms of long term savings on electricity bills which do add up to a lot. The lighting system will be released in summer this year. For more details log on to


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