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Appraising the Eco-Friendly Hyundai Accent

The latest iteration of the subcompact Hyundai Accent introduces several performance enhancements and a revamped design. The model is available in three different trims: GLS, GS and SE. From the outside, the GS and SE 5-door hatchbacks share a similar design, but the SE possesses features that readily differentiate it from both the GLS 4-door […]

Harvesting Energy from Water Vapor

Harvesting Energy from Water Vapor

A new revolution has happened in the field of material science. Scientists at MIT have come out with a new biopolymer that can generate electricity from water vapor. The finding was published in the latest edition of the journal Science Magazine. This could well be the beginning of a new technology in the world of […]

Belkin’s Wemo A Light Switch on Your Finger Tips

Belkin’s Wemo: A Light Switch on Your Finger Tips

In line with the fast growing remote controlled appliances segment, Belkin has come out with remote controlled light switches in the WeMo series. This series focuses on controlling home electronics from practically anywhere in the world. The new range of wireless switches will allow you to operate your home lighting system from anywhere using your […]

Sticker Solar Cells

Sticker Solar Cells: Latest in Eco-friendly Technology

Engineers at Stanford University of technology have come out with solar cells that can be stuck to any surface. Like all other things, technology has been the hotspot for developing eco-friendly products. Solar panels are foremost among energy solutions that are eco friendly. Until now solar panels remind us of bulky, large and rigid cells. […]


6 Eco-friendly Gift Wrap Ideas

In this wasteful world, it is very important to keep your tab on austerity. Use and reuse have to be prioritized sufficiently to avoid our future generations from having to bear the brunt of our irresponsible lifestyle. This is why it is important to find great birthday gifts which are also biodegradable or consumable. So […]