How Much is a Second Hand iPhone Worth?


If you’ve been asking yourself “How much can I sell my iPhone for?” you may be slightly confused at all numbers being thrown around. Being a highly sought after product, these devices only tend to become extremely cheap once they become technologically defunct, so you can always make some good money selling a recent model. Find all the prices for the handsets below:

iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is currently the most in demand handset in the country, with many consumers having to enter raffles to get their hands on the highly coveted device. Featuring a larger 4- inch retina display and a brand new aluminium design, this is the lightest and thinnest model Apple have released. The iPhone 5 is undoubtedly the fastest handset on the market despite it not having the best spec on paper. The super powerful A6 chip allows for a completely lag free experience and is twice as fast as the previous model: the iPhone 4s

New: from £529

Used: £430+

iPhone 4s

The iPhone 4s is a great handset that still holds its own despite not being of the latest generation of iPhone. The 4s was the first iPhone handset to come with the infamous concierge service called Siri, which wowed users with its highly intelligent voice recognition and reliable responses. Featuring a smaller 3.5 – inch retina display, this handset is the perfect pocket sized device for those wanting a slice of the Apple pie without having to break the bank.

New: from £449

Used: £300+

iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 was a truly revolutionary phone at the time of release, featuring a retina display screen that destroyed any offering from rival manufacturers such as Samsung, HTC and Nokia. Featuring a 5MP camera, FaceTime and HD video recording, this is no handset to be scoffed at. When you consider that you can pick up a handset half this good for the same price, buying this handset second hand offers great value for money

New: from £339

Used: £200+

iPhone 3Gs / iPhone 3

The iPhone 3 series were the first handsets of the series to really hit the smartphone heights. The iPhone 3 is difficult to come by these days and probably has more value as a piece of memorabilia rather than a handset. That being said, the iPhone 3Gs is still a capable handset. The screen resolution is significantly worse than that found on modern handsets and the 3Gs will struggle to run many of the modern apps found on the app store. Despite this, the iPhone 3Gs can be bought for extremely cheap second hand and will be more than practical for writing and receiving emails, texts, surfing the web and making phone calls.

New: N/A

Used: £50+


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