Top 5 Eco Friendly Gadgets


Consumer technology is growing at an unprecedented rate. Everyone, it seems, has some kind of Smartphone or tablet computer. Their uses are so versatile now that new customer-bases are created with every single release.

However, some of the more environmentally-conscious consumers might be concerned about the massive carbon footprint that is steadily growing because of all the extra tech use. Fortunately, there are companies that cater to the more Eco-minded customers out there.

Even Apple tries to recycle as much as possible – Google ‘recycle iPhone’ to see how you can exchange your old handset for vouchers.

This list presents five of the most popular Eco-friendly gadgets out there. You might want to sell your stuff online to save up for some of these ingenious products.

Power Trekk

This is a clear favorite, ideally suited for those travelling on or off the road into the wilderness. If it’s too much to ask that you go on holiday completely tech-free, and you really need your Smartphone to hand for all your work updates, the Power Trekk charger is a pretty ingenious way of charging your phone when out in the woods.

All you have to do is fill it with water. That’s right, water. The charger will convert the hydrogen into electricity and all you have to do is plug your Smartphone in via USB, and let it work its magic. There’s no winding involved!

Switch Bulb

This is the one-stop answer for everyone who’s looking desperately for a low-energy light bulb that still looks nice and gives off pretty light. It’ll go for a staggering 25,000 hours before it finally burns out.

Apart from its longevity, the bulb also looks sleek and impressive, thanks to its stylish design.

Biolite Camp stove

Normal camping stoves are extremely wasteful and damaging to the environment, as they run on gas or liquid fuel. The Bio lite Camp stove, on the other hand, ingeniously uses its environment to produce heat.

It burns small sticks and dried leaves to produce enough heat to cook your food. As if that’s not enough, it does have one other feature that will put it above all other stoves forever: a USB charger for whatever gadgets you’ve brought along for the trip!

iBamboo Speaker

This is not only cool because of the innovation behind it, but because of how sleek and chic it looks. Made completely out of bamboo, it is manufactured with little waste and it sounds great. The resonance of the bamboo works to amplify the sound that comes out of your iPhone.

Cook Up 200

This is another gadget for those who enjoy the outdoors. The CookUp200 will generate heat from the sun (up to 200°C) to cook those burgers of yours. It’s quite spacious as well, with room for enough food to feed up to five of your hungry friends.

Its uncomplicated setup is definitely a plus. However, needless to say, you’re going to need a sunny day for this to work!


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