Green Christmas: Why LED Lights Are Better


Christmas is just around the corner and it is time for joy and festivities. Speaking of festivities, no festivity is complete without lights and lighting. With bulbs taking the forefront in Christmas décor, the amount of electricity and in turn fossil fuels used to light up one whole country is no less than an astronomical figure. So, this year replace your regular Christmas lights made of incandescent bulbs with LED ones. These not only last longer, but also save a lot of electricity, making the world a greener place to live.

Green Christmas Why LED Lights Are Better

Here are other reasons why you should get LED lights this year for festive lighting:

Easy to store

LED lights are easy to store. They do not break easily. The bulbs are designed so that they can withstand moisture and also jarring from movement. Further, these bulbs last many years and hence ideal for storing without worry.

Saves electricity

As compared to their incandescent counterparts, LED lights consume very little electricity. LED bulbs use as little as 10% of the electricity as what normal bulbs would use. This naturally translates into a huge amount of energy savings.

Safer alternative

Yes, LED lights are a lot safer than the conventional ones. Since incandescent bulbs heat up after a few hours of usage, they can cause breaking of the glass, resulting in fire accidents. LED lights, on the other hand consume less energy to light up and hence do not get heated up. For a safer Christmas, opt for LED lights.

Wider design options

LED lights come in a variety of shapes, sizes and color options. From red to champagne and yellow to white, you have many more color options to choose from – net lights, rope lights and antique lights are just some of them.

Burn brighter

LED lights burn brighter than the conventional bulbs. What is more, their brilliance does not fade with time.

With so many benefits and decoration options available in the LED lighting solutions, it is about time that we shifted to this smarter option for our festive lighting needs. The effects of these are not only lighter on our pockets, but also on the earth.


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